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No service, workshop, retreat, event or product offered by Healing At The Cabin is intended in any way - implicit or explicit, by implication or in reference – to be a substitute or replacement for medical care. In addition, the information and techniques on this site and during a session or workshop do not constitute medical advice.


Reiki is considered an alternative, complementary approach and does not replace the need for traditional medical care through your physician or licensed professional. You should not stop, add, or change any medication or traditional treatment, without the advice, consent and direction of your physician. You are advised to seek the care of a licensed professional for any physical, mental or emotional concerns.

The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility.  You agree to completely hold harmless and absolutely indemnify Healing At The Cabin and any persons associated with Healing At The Cabin from any and all liabilities and expenses.


Like meditation, Reiki treatments have a cumulative benefit. They are supportive of well-being in every way. While Reiki supports wellness for the physical, emotional and mental body, it is not a “magic cure” and is no replacement for licensed medical treatment.


Reiki is delivered while the client is either seated in a chair or lying supine. It is not a form of massage and the client remains fully clothed. Reiki is a relaxation and stress reduction technique. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki practitioners are not currently licensed in the Canada. I understand that Stephanie from Healing At The Cabin is not a licensed physician, and that Reiki is complementary to and separate from medical services licensed by the province.


I also understand that Reiki is an energy healing methodology that includes the laying on of hands to a person who remains fully clothed. There will be no touch of breasts, genitals or buttocks.

I understand that Reiki is being provided by Stephanie from Healing At The Cabin at my request. I agree to hold Stephanie harmless and understand that she is not responsible for the outcome of any sessions, workshops, retreats or events.


I understand that by booking any sessions, workshop, retreat or event with Stephanie from Healing At The Cabin that I am entering onto her property at my own risk, and that she is not responsible or liable for any potential personal or vehicle injury and/or damage including but not limited to a slip and fall, falling branch, vehicle security, etc.

I understand that any review I provide may be shared onto the Healing At The Cabin website or social media page for content and marketing purposes.

Acknowledgement & Consent

Prior to your appointment please carefully read the legal disclaimer above then complete the fields below. 

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