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Welcome to Log Cabin Co.! Sister company to Healing at the Cabin. This is where you'll find our line of home decor, accents and earthing series jewelry. Inspired by nature, created with the purest intention and highest vibration, these pieces will bring beauty and peace into your home. You can contact us directly for custom orders, find us at local markets, and of course on Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok @logcabinco.


Nature Inspired, Handmade & High-Vibe. @Logcabinco is a family-owned small business, based on our homestead on the fringe of Stittsville. Each unique textile piece is inspired by the naturally fallen branches found directly on our wooded property, and created from a state of serenity and joy in order bring that serenity to the homes they become a part of.

Our Grounding Series bracelets are all handmade with the intention of rooting and grounding with mother earth, which is the foundation for taking ourselves out of our busy minds and back into our bodies. A variety of jasper beads are used for each bracelet, as jasper is known to be a very grounding semi-precious stone. Wooden beads are also used, as trees are the purest representation of grounding, and a feather or faerie charm is used as the symbol of connection to the spiritual world around us.

For orders and inquiries complete the form on our Contact page here.

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