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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie | Reiki Practitioner at The Healing Cabin Ottawa

Stephanie is a certified Reiki Master & Teacher and has been practicing since 2014. Her sessions (both in-person and distance) are intuitively guided with messages coming in directly from your soul to assist with your journey of healing, growth, restoring balance, and deepening your connection with your soul. Currently servicing the Ottawa and Ottawa West area and located on the fringe of Stittsville, Stephanie works out of her home, a beautiful log cabin nestled into the woods just moments away from busy suburban life. This space is a sanctuary for peace and restoration, which holds the perfect energy for healing sessions. 

A lifelong learner and healer by nature, Stephanie has always had a vibrant curiosity for the deeper meaning of life. The desire to find inner peace, joy and freedom from within has guided her on a healing journey for over a decade, which has further fueled her inspiration to restore her own inner balance. This journey has led to her quest of helping others to restore balance from within. Though she has had psychic moments and spiritual experiences since she was a child, Stephanie's first experience with Reiki 14 years ago was her formal introduction into the world of spirituality, energy, and her own inner-healing journey, allowing her to explore and connect with her soul. 

Stephanie's mission is to help individuals realize their true, innate power so that they learn how to restore their own balance and create the life they are truly worthy of. 

Each of us has the ability and the power within ourselves to heal and restore! We may just need a nudge in the right direction at times to unlock certain awarenesses to help us get there. We are born with all of the abilities and access to awareness we will ever need in our lives, but for many generations we have been taught to diffuse that light and connection within ourselves. Let energy healing start you on your journey to restoring balance and awareness from within.



The log cabin was built on 2.5 forested acres on the unceded lands of the Algonquin Anishinaabe people in 1983, and was lovingly cared for by its original owners until Stephanie and her family moved here mid-2020. This full scribe Scandinavian-style home was built with red and white pine logs, using Swedish cope style assembly. 

Log Cabin Co..jpg
Surrounded by nature at The Healing Cabin Ottawa
The Healing Cabin Ottawa
Sweet George, resident of The Healing Cabin Ottawa
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