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Attuning to Reiki deepened my connection with my awareness, energy and nature... and changed my life!

Here's a part of my story: 

I found Reiki at the start of my healing journey around 14 years ago. It played such a fundamental role in unearthing and healing certain aspects of self physically and emotionally in such a gentle and meaningful way, but it also opened me up to a world of awareness that felt like I was coming home. Like I was taking my first steps into another world, and my life was truly just beginning now.

You know that inner knowing, that there's something more to this world than what meets the eye, but you're just not sure what that is?

I always felt it. And it was Reiki that brought me home, validating and making sense of this knowing. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to capture with words the thrill and relief of this experience.

Growing up as the sensitive child, I came to believe that this is a less than desirable trait. It felt so difficult, erratic, painful and completely out of my control. I knew there was something more to understand, but I didn't know what that was for most of my life. 

Reiki helped me to understand this on a deeper level. I felt so validated, and I finally found energetic tools to support myself. I eventually realized that this sensitivity didn't mean that there was anything wrong with me, it was actually my super power. 

I became attuned in 2014 with my level one, shortly after I became a mother. I immediately used this gift with my family, feeling the energy coursing through my hands, and felt so empowered knowing that there was always something more I could offer them. This offered an extra layer of nurturing when I needed to soothe my child, and physical support if anyone was sick. I also noticed that my awareness and sensitivity to energy deepened greatly through my use of Reiki. I could feel energy on a new level, and became so much more cognizant of energetic shifts. I noticed that my inner truth meter became more attuned and obvious as well. 

With each attunement the energy and my awareness opened up even more. And when I began offering sessions to clients, I never expected what would come to happen. 

I was aware of energy densities in the body and field, and which chakras needed more support and healing. I could feel things like fear, anxiety and grief in the client within my own body, as though it were my own. I would have occasional suggestions for supportive crystals that would help a particular chakra, or ways based on my learning that they could further support their chakras.

But then I started to receive more impressions. Intuitive drops that completely surprised me. My psychic awareness began to open up even more, and I was noticing that I sensed where there was emotional pain in a particular part of the body, and at what point in the person's life it was connected to and why. I could sense disharmonious dynamics within their life, physical conditions, belief systems, their receptivity to hearing truth, the state of their nervous system, and so much more. 

The awareness of these things was mind blowing for me, and what happened next surprised me even more. Simply being aware of what's "wrong" is one thing, and on it's own I didn't feel like I was supporting people enough. So I began to ask their soul questions. Most often, "What can they do to bring this back into balance". To my surprise, and through my deepend awareness I was getting answers! 

These were customized awarenesses and suggestions coming directly from their Soul! It doesn't get any more customized than that! I realised this gives people the opportunity to waste less of their time and know exactly what they need to do to support themselves. 

I get it. We all have our wounds, traumas, discomforts, wishes and more. We know what we don't want, what isn't working, and sometimes we even know what we want. But where we get lost is in figuring out the best course of action to get there. And the messages that come through around these suggestions helps people with offering a supportive perspective so that they can see things from a more empowered lense, and approach these changes in a way that feels achievable. This builds so much trust from within, and builds self-empowerment. 

One of my favorite parts of sessions is that I'm able to generally sense a person's level of intuitive awareness, and support them in opening this even further. When we have that connection to our intuition we have a guide (our Soul) leading us every step of the way, in our highest alignment. Our Soul ALWAYS has our back, and knows our full potential, and when we are able to notice those subtle nudges and honor them, life completely transforms! Not only does life feel easier, because we don't have juggle between the brain thoughts, it also feels more fulfilling. This awareness also serves as a built-in truth meter that shares information about our environment, people, what we hear in any given moment. This is deeply empowering.

I truly could go on with sharing the pockets of this work and my life that Reiki has impacted, but for now I'll leave you here. I want to remind you that:

YOU have everything within you to succeed. YOU are the conduit for source. YOU can create the life you desire.

What I'm able to do, you can too! This awareness and ability is NOT for the gifted few. It's going to look different for everyone, and I implore you to connect with that intuition of yours and let it guide you. It is your greatest ally, and will never lead you astray. 

Sending you so much love.


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