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Why Billianne's Cover of Que Sera Sera Just Hits Different

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I want to take a few minutes to talk about the cover of Que Sera Sera sung by the incredibly talented singer/songwriter from Ontario, Billianne. Most of you may have heard this, and it’s the song that really catapulted her singing career into the limelight and captured our hearts. But what I’m interested in is why this song in particular, and the way that she sang it, has such an impact on us all. We’ve heard Que Sera Sera before, and it didn’t quite hit the same way as it does now.

Billianne has an incredibly soothing alto voice, and as some of you may know, musical tones have the powerful ability to interact with our own energy field both physically within our bodies and around us. When I listen to this song I can feel it stimulating both my heart chakra and sacral chakra, offering the nurturing and healing that I need. These two energy fields are deeply connected, and we can often hold a lot of emotional residue from the hurt of relationships in these spaces. This can show up in the form of sadness, anger, resentment, and more, and can be connected to all types of relationships including the ones we have with our parents, to our partners, our children, friends, coworkers, our relationship with ourselves, or even money, power (very relevant to today, with our own inner power feeling challenged by restrictions), and sex.

Billianne sings Que Sera Sera with such patience and zero judgement, while also offering deep nurturing. For some it may bring up memories of a parent/nurturer missed, while for others it offers what we didn’t quite get in a way that we needed from our own parental connections – not because they didn’t want to, but because our parents are human and also had their own inner child wounding that they were dealing with, or they may not have identified exactly what we needed (which would be discovered through intuitive connection). So, to be offered this beautiful energy at a time when the world seems to be spiraling in chaos, it feels even more powerful. Right now, more than ever we are feeling our own inner child wounding, as we do our best to move through a time we never expected to be confronted with. The pressure is coming in from all angles, from government and work restrictions, judgement and pressure surrounding our medical choices, financial stress due to inflation and/or job loss which our generation has never seen before, and the state of mental health felt across the world. To add to this, so much of the world is finally seeing that the way in which we have been living for so long just doesn’t work for us anymore, but we aren’t quite sure how to make changes that feel right while also supporting our financial or social needs. Right now more than ever our inner child could use that emotional support and warm, embracing "it's all going to be ok" hug.

Enter Billianne. Who, perhaps without knowing, is offering the tenderness, nurturing and healing that we all so desperately need at this very moment. Reaching us to the core. Reminding us with compassion to focus on the moment we have right here, right now, that everything will be ok, and that “what will be, will be”.

This is an important reminder to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with tenderness. The tenderness that your younger self needed, but may not have necessarily gotten. How would you care for the needs of 5-year-old you if she was standing right beside you? How would you nurture her, how would you talk to her, how would you protect her or guide her? We have such a deep need for healing at this time. Talk to a loved one, journal, sing, find an internal family systems therapist for inner child wounding, try emotional release therapy to get those stuck emotions moving out of the body, book a reiki session, protect your boundaries, and offer your heart the healing it needs. It may feel scary and uncomfortable, but I promise you, there is peace on the other side just waiting for you. It’s available to you at any time, and you deserve it simply because you are human.

Share with me -- how has Billianne's cover of Que Sera Sera impacted you? What did you feel when you listened to it? Did it bring up any memories or sensations within the body?

Sending so much love to you all.

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